Curriculum Highlights

Curriculum Highlights

  • The Spring Day Public School strictly follows the Syllabus based on C.B.S.E. on the pattern and guidelines by N.C.E.R.T. The Medium of instruction is English. With a view to carry out development of the personality of our Students. 
    Games, Sports, Social and Cultural Programmes will be a part of regular School activities. Music, Dance/Art, Craft and other Socially useful productive works and vocations combined with work experience form an integral part of School Curriculum.


    One year has been Completed to the voyage of sdps (spring day public school). Sdps is the new wing, a new chapter of the Spring Day Hr. sec. school which have been excelling itself in all streams for the past 30 years.

    Spring Day Public School came with academic excellence, best infrastructure, secured and peaceful campus, our teachers are trained and well qualified. A child studying with us will be a perfect blend of knowledge, quality culture and patience.

    We are living in times where the pace of event is fast indeed. So fast, in fact that today’s latest become obsolete tomorrow. Constant changes are must. Life is a process of constant changes and all healthy communities build for the future in educating today’s youth. We cannot afford to lose sight of the fact that we must teach them to grapple with the problem of their generations, their society and their world. The youth of today need to be readied for the global stage – a generation of young people who are thinkers, inquiries, articulate and confident to me take to the world stage and compete with the best brains in the world. This is exactly what we aim at sdps. We wish to make education at our school, a total experience where students slog for A’S.

    Academics is the soul of a school and Spring Day Public School provide professional development for teachers and all this update gets translated into more effective and better teaching learning in the classroom.

    Besides excelling at academics, and their project it gives us immense satisfaction that our” students have also been very active in field of co-curricular activities. we provide opportunities to our children to pursue their hobbies ranging from dancing, music, drawing and paintings etc.

    It’s been a pleasure to be associated with all the parents who are people from various walks of life and who have added great value to our institution, by the way of their invaluable inputs. We can proudly say that we have the best sets of parents-children combination and for the value system our school stands for.

    We believe in lateral learning system where in each child is encouraged to participate, children who have inhibition are encouraged to come, forward at class level, an arena where their comfort level is higher than when they go out of their classrooms and perform.

    Our teaching methods are all holistic and inclusive. It gives each one of the student an opportunity to come forward and showcase what he or she has besides been good at academics.

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